We arrived back from Chicago yesterday evening and almost immediately went to bed. Getting up this morning was hard - mostly because we both woke up before 7am. Good thing we both had the day off.

I laid around a big chunk of the morning (and evening) reading comics. I read a few comics (X-Men only, really) as a kid but mostly spent my time playing video games and reading books. There's a lot of good stuff out there, I just didn't know about it. Thanks to Chris I do. Fables is an awesome series he introduced me to last year. Completely up my alley. So I decided to play with the ComiXology app a bit on the android tablet and see what free samples and first issues were available. So far I've been reading Y The Last Man.
In the afternoon we took a stroll down Kent Trails. The water is high and flowing fast. Murky looking and probably chilly as well. Still, it's great the weather is getting warmer. That means green is going to start popping up everywhere soon.

Chris has a pretty nice wrap-up post of the weekend (including con and aquarium photos) with a nice quick video I embedded below.


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