After all the driving and running around yesterday looking at wedding venues, Chris and I decided to take a more leisurly approach to Sunday.

We hung out a bit in the morning and in the afternoon we headed out to Gaslight Village for a quick bite to eat and a short stroll. There's a free-standing Olga's Kitchen so we ate there. Yes, I've been there dozens of times, I know. But every time I think of Northland Center and my little brother insisting on a side of Olga bread.

I've never actually walked through the area, and it's not very big so it's easy to miss. Gaslight Village is a small cluster of shops and - you guessed it - gas lights. It's only a few blocks long on Wealthy Street near Reeds Lake and the local high school and library.

It's a cute little area complete with their own chocolate shop (Mary Ann's Chocolates), which we made a point of visiting.


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