In the evening we wandered around downtown Chicago until we stumbled across Beef 'n' Brandy, a nice little diner with tasty food. After dinner we walked up to Graham Crackers Comics and headed over to Millennium Park. Chris wanted to see a few things we missed last year over there and I wanted to take more photos. I was on the hunt for Lord of the Rings Online look-alike areas. It's really hard to find stuff like that in urban areas. I'm not really sure why I look. I think its just a game I play with myself.
Anyway, we walked along through the park a bit and back down Michigan Avenue toward our hotel. I spent most of the time wandering off and ignoring Chris snapping photos of random things and messing with settings on my camera because of the fading light. I tend to wander off a lot when I have a mission, like hunting for cool stuff to photograph.
There's a lot of nice areas all over the place, and the parks looks a lot different than it did April of last year. What a difference spring makes in terms of color and wildlife.
We passed a lot of nice spots, including the Art Institute, which we should probably see sometime.

The light was fading, and it was starting to get cold, so I started to pick up the pace a little bit trying to get back to the hotel and make one last attempt at getting a shot of a statue I'd caught a glimpse of earlier in the day during the shuttle ride to McCormick Center. 
We finally arrived and I was lucky enough to find the area mostly clear. Earlier when I had wanted to take photos there were a lot of people around - I'm sure this statue gets a lot of traffic.

So I took a few shots, was disappointed that the buildings marred the background, and wandered up to see what this thing was anyway. I was hoping for a decent vantage point from above but it was getting dark.

Chris sat down at the statute (which is of John Logan, apparently) and listened to me ramble on about random stuff. Finally he sat me down while I talked about the detail on the statue. I'm not really sure what happened next. I thought he was moving to get closer and keep me warm cause it was cold and all of a sudden he's on his knee. 

And then there is a box. With a ring. And a yes. 


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