We did a lot of driving today. A lot. We mapped out all of the Kent County parks that have enclosed shelters and went on a driving trip to a bunch of them that various people have recommended as good wedding reception venues.
It still feels like winter out here. The further north we drove the more ice and snow we encountered. And most parks are still closed to traffic. That meant finding somewhere to park and trekking up and down paths till we found that particular park's enclosed shelter.
Some of the parks had nicer interiors than others, and some overlooked lakes or forests. All of them were nice in their own way but we're not sure if any of them are what we really want to do.

All in all we spent a chunk of the morning and nearly all of the afternoon hitting Johnson Park, Douglas Walker, Long Lake, Wabasis Lake, and Townsend.

All I know is I dont want to spend anymore time with the radio if I can help it. I haven't spent that much time with the radio instead of podcasts/mp3s, and I wont be doing that again if I can help it.


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