Tuesday. Its day two of the work week (and the second day of my new job). So many things are falling into repetition quickly. Waking up early, walking the dog, showering, actually eating breakfast BEFORE I go to work, etc. Coming home at noon to walk the dog again, then giving her a third walk after I get home for the day.

Then, sometime after I get home I see this dude again. Virtually everything today has been the same as it was yesterday and this turkey is simply the reinforcement that I'm suck in groundhogs day.

I guess the only slightly different thing is the fact that the bunny was totally mowing down ignoring him. The turkey spent a good 45 minutes pacing back in forth behind my apartment, clucking and getting closer and farther from the slider. I'm not sure what he wanted, but I kept my distance. Those things are way more powerful than they look and I dont own a gun. I'm I'm not breaking my camera clobbering it...


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