Today was the first day ever (EVER!) I have golfed. Its not really my cup of tea, and I never thought very highly of the "sport" personally. However I've started a new job and was invited to a company outing.

We started around noon, and ended a little before five, playing 18 holes. It was a scramble, so luckily I didnt drag anyone down too much.

On one of the holes several families of geese were just camping out. Probably because it was near water. In the picture here is a set with the youngest family - little babies with yellow fuzz still.

They were pretty good for the most part, herding their children away from the fairway when we arrived. Unfortunately they didn't quite move fast enough and, I, being inexperienced and unable to whack a ball with any sort of force, smacked one in the butt. Not sure if it was the mom or the dad, since there were two of them between the babies, but regardless the goose just brushed it off, flapped wings in annoyance, and herded the babies faster.


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