Chris and I left a little after 8am to head out to the east side of the state. We had a wedding venue to check out in Ann Arbor and scheduled visits with his mother and my parents.

As soon as we were done in Ann Arbor we added a quick visit with his dad to the mix as well. Luckily between Farmington Hills, White Lake, and Oak Park, everyone is relatively close.

Between the three houses there were two meals and three sets of desserts. That's a lot of food when you spend 5+ hours driving and not a lot of walking. All tasty though (we even came home with a cake!)

It was the first visit with everyone since the engagement, so we got to catch up and discuss that as well potential wedding plans.
All in all it was a good day but a long one. We didn't get home until after midnight when all was said and done. that's a lot of driving in one day.


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