I'm not a huge board game player. Or so I always said. I've played Risk on a board only once and it was fun but most of the other games I've played are your usual LIFE, Monopoly, Scrabble, etc. All of these are fine but playing them so much as a kid meant I was tired of them once I got older. I do have a copy of Anti-Monopoly I got from my dad which is amusing, but more of a novelty at this point than something I'd like to play with any frequency.

Settlers of Catan I've seen played before from a distance, and it's intrigued me but never enough to drop $40+ on it, especially given my disinterest in most other board games. So when Chris mentioned an interest in checking it out and after finding it a little cheaper than the normal price, I snagged it.
A good idea.

While it's designed for 3-4 players in the basic set Chris and I found modified 2 player rules which served quite well for a initial play.The game is fun; it's amusing. We played for several hours and with the exception of starting to get sleepy, I barely noticed it.
I really look forward to playing it again, and with 3-4 people instead of just 2 I can imagine how crazy it can become. And I know there expansions that add even more people.


Hey, I want to play a board game!!

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