The day started relatively early (4:30) since our flight from GRR to DTW left at 7am. I'd never been to GRR (only DTW, TPA, ORD) so it was a new experience. None of that getting to the airport super early - only an hour ahead of time. There was a decent line for security, but not terrible as it is not a large airport. All in all a pleasant experience.
Our flight to SFO was long to me (5ish hours). In the scheme of things, it's shorter than driving and it's a much shorter flight than anything to Europe or Asia, but it still felt like a long trip.
SFO is a nice airport, complete with a tram that runs outside to various parking structures, terminals, public transit and rental cars. It reminded me a lot of the one in Tampa.
Our hotel mere blocks from Pier 39 and the Fisherman's Wharf area, so there's a lot of traffic, a lot of bright signs beckoning you this way and that. Traffic was not as dense as I had thought it would have been, but was probably just because of the time we were driving. Everything looked much busier as noon came around...
We ate at Pier 39, saw the seals and sea lions, walked around a bit, and paid way too much for parking.
As the afternoon progressed we walked around a bit more, ending up in Chinatown after dinner and working our way back up toward the hotel.
We settled into the hotel on the earlier side - around 7 or so. Both of us were really tired and despite trying to stay up a few extra hours to adjust to the time difference, I kept drifting off while reading. The hotel was kind enough to have two false fire alarms, roughly an hour apart, to wake us both up and scare the shit out of us. That alarm and PA system are incredibly loud. I have confidence that if there is a fire I could not possibly sleep through it.

Anyway, here's a few shots of our travel out there as well as Pier 39.

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Pier 1seals, sea lionsElevator TimeflagsAlcatrazPier


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