We got to my parent's house and there were a fair amount of sweets. Every time I visit there's a plethora of tasty goodness out that I don't remember being there when I lived there. Maybe I'm just remembering things wrong.

My brother made the rumballs this year, which meant they were extra strong. I ate quite a few even though I've never liked rumballs.
We don't eat a traditional Christmas meal when we get together. I loathe ham. Never liked it as a child. I don't remember if Jeff liked it but I do know everyone in my family does like lasagna, so we always have that. I can't really remember a time when we didn't have lasagna (although I'm sure there was one or two).
We hung out for quite a bit after lunch (or I suppose you could call it dinner, since it was the main meal of the day). My parent's have drastically changed the house since I moved out, so it's always weird to see no sea of blue carpet and new furniture.
Some things haven't changed though. My little brother is still younger than me.
We did presents early this year. Rather than waiting till it was dark my mom asked and both Jeff and I agreed - anytime is the right time for presents.
I ended up with a pretty awesome array of toe socks and a badass kitty hat. It. Is. Awesome.
Even Chris looks awesome in it.

All in all a fantastic day. Plus, I made out like a bandit with a gigantic cache of cookies and Chris has all kinds of flavored popcorn.


Hey, we always had lots of cookies all through December - your mom spent a whole day baking Cookies (while you were in school) like we had on Christmas eve, except for rum-balls. We used to eat Turkey on Christmas day! We switched to Lasagna because we all too tired to get up extra early to cook Turkey after spending Christmas Eve in Bay City. And we used to eat Ham on New Years Day.

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