I left the apartment pretty early this morning - 8:30 to be exact. I had one mission - grocery shopping for baking supplies.
I got a little after 9am and started baking. First up was Chocolate Cheesecake Candy Cane Bars. I haven't tried it yet (it has to cool for 8ish hours in the fridge) but I'm sure it's tasty. It's cheesecake and chocolate!
Next up were Chocolate Oat Cakes. I even bought the wheat germ for this recipe instead of ignoring or attempting to substitute like I usually do. Just to ensure these came out right. I didn't realize, however, that we were out of mini-muffin liners so I just skipped those.

Chris says they taste like healthy brownies and he didn't spit them out so I'm thinking they pass the test.
The third new dessert recipe I had a little more difficulty with. These Welsh cookies read like they'd be easy to make, but I apparently can't fry anything (which is how you make these). I ended up with a batch charred to a crisp, a batch just slightly overdone, and a batch slightly underdone.

Chris says they taste like fruity pancake cookies. I actually like them quite a bit.

I also finally discovered where the currants are in the grocery store and that they're apparently not something pasta-ish (which is kind of what I always thought). They're like mini-raisins and tasty in their own right.
Last but not least were the thin mints. It's been year since I've made these and I remember them being a pain in the ass. So far they're proving to be just that (mostly because I don't enjoy slicing off of logs of dough, which is what you have to do).

I'm also having a little issue with them being either over or under baked. I think that's because as the dough got warmer I was slicing it more unevenly. I realize they taste fine (I've tried them!) and that they'll look better once coated in chocolate.
I'd still rather make them than buy them from the Girl Scouts. After all, I was a Camp Fire kid.
I also rolled out some meatballs around lunchtime to pop in the crockpot for some delicious meatball ravioli for dinner. I did not make the ravioli, however. I really do want to try making pasta but I haven't gotten up the nerve to try it. Ideally I'd like the attachments to my Kitchenaid stand mixer, but without even ever trying to make pasta I can't justify that kind of money. What if I hate it? I do hate rolling out dough, after all...


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