When Peppy was younger, she ate anything. She'd munch on the special Wysong ferret food I bought Cloud (even though he wouldn't) plus all manner of ferret treats and different types of ferret food. Seriously, she'd even follow in the footsteps of Atrix and eat dog food when she could get at it. She'd eat anything.

Over the last few years the local Pet Supplies Plus has more or less always been out of my preferred ferret food, Totally Ferret. So I've been buying her Marshall Pets and she's been eating it just fine. So imagine my delight in seeing a package of Totally Ferret Monday at the pet store? I snatched it as quickly as a I could and scampered home to refill her food dishes (since she was all but out).

Fast forward to a few days later and I noticed that the food in her dish wasn't going down. Odd.

The I noticed her digging around in her cage trying to get bits of old ferret food that had fallen where she couldn't get at it. But she had a full bowl of food...

Fast forward to last night and she had confirmed my suspicion. I counted out pieces of food, put the dish back, and watched as she ate none of it. None. She was turning her nose up at the food she used to eat and love and refusing to eat.

So today on lunch Chris picked me out and we snagged some of her normal food. I'm going to slowly mix it in and try to get her used to the Totally Ferret package I bought.

While I've heard and read that ferrets (or pets in general) can be finicky about switching food brands, I've never actually had any problems with any pet. In fact, she was the one ferret (in the seven I've had through the years) that ate every single thing offered to her. Atrix came close, but even he turned his nose up at Wysong.


But at least she's eating and I've learned that tastes change and to never assume it's ok to switch brands.

On another note - Leki is really interested in her tasty expensive ferret food.


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