I've had two items from Adafruit hanging around for awhile waiting to be soldered. One of them is the Pi Cobbler, which is essentially a break out board that lets me use the general input/output pins on the Raspberry Pi. That allows me to hook up all sorts of things, like a temperature sensor.

I practiced soldering a little on a soldering kit I had then moved onto the actual components. Despite having a fan going and the window open, it was still a little strong smelling. As you can see I tried to mitigate that with a painters mask, but of course that didn't do much.

Soon the component was assembled and I hooked it up to the Raspberry Pi to test.
As you can see, everything worked and I was able to get a temperature reading from a sensor I wired to the Pi Cobbler. Success!
The next item I had to solder was an Arduino Motor Shield. This little thing will allow me to construct a small robot. There were a lot more components for this project.
And thanks to a magnifying glass and some patience...
The whole thing was assembled in no time!


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