I played just a little bit with the stepper motor and servos that arrived yesterday in the mail. I mostly just wanted to confirm everything was working properly.
Both the stepper motor and the servo motors worked just fine.

I think I may try to hook a laser pointer up to one of the small servos and have it move back and forth a little, to mess with the cat. Something probably similar to this instructable, but probably not as involved.

A few months ago I listened to this Making Arduino Controlled Robots webcast and eventually a small robot is what I'd like to make.
I also, on a whim, thought about testing an IR receiver I picked up awhile back. I'd like to use it to control a cool color-changing remote controlled cloud lamp I saw on instructable.

Lucky for me, I found a recently posted tutorial that used both the LED segment and the IR receiver I have. So I just wired everything up and used the example sketch. Both items were tested and working in a matter of moments.

I love when things go quickly and easily.


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