Well, I am making progress still with the arduinos. The Raspberry Pi didn't crash and data did get logged throughout the day. Oddly I do have one arduino that disappears intermittently. It's the same one and I'm not sure why. They're literally sitting right next to each other at the moment. I also see there's a slight difference in the temperature and humidity readings as well.

So because of the missing data, this evening I swapped out the arduino for another one to see if that makes a difference. Technically if the arduino can't read the sensor it should send back an error, so I'm taking the lack of data to mean the device just isn't responding some of the time and it's not a faulty sensor.
I also poked around a little with the Raspberry Pi. I have another temperature sensor plugged into a breadboard that is sitting on top of the device. I don't have the Pi logging a reading at any specific interval. I'm more or less just playing with it.

I also played around with the python code Adafruit provided with their Raspberry Pi drivers and tutorials for the temperature sensor.
Just a few quick cut and pastes and I could get an Arduino logging temperature to a google docs file. It's obviously not formatted exactly right, but it's a start. I'll probably mess with that a little as well eventually. I'm mostly just excited at the idea of being able to write to the file with python. Since I'm more or less teaching myself the language, I can be easily impressed and excited about things I'm sure most python users know all about.

Eventually I'll do something other than coming home every evening and messing with these little things, but for now I'm just a wee bit obsessed. I feel like I'm really close to getting the data logging right.

Of course there's that whole issue of actually live graphing it that I'd like to do as well.


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