Because of the snow storm Grand Rapids is currently experiencing, we both got out of work early and headed home to shovel and clear everything away from the sidewalk and driveway. I know full well that it will have to be done again tomorrow morning before work, but that's okay.

With the extra time from getting out of work early, I really wanted to work on some projects or get something extra done. Of course, one of the problems with working all day on the computer and then shoveling heavy snow is occasionally over doing it with my wrists, which I've apparently done. My entire lower arms are pretty sore and uncomfortable, thanks to tendinitis.So, instead of working on some python scripts, or knitting, or arduino projects, I'm more or less lounging around trying not to do much with my hands aside from this blog post.

Meanwhile the snowstorm is continuing and we have interesting icicles hanging off of the house now.


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