I've made a lot of food today. Chocolate chip cookies, garlic and cheddar drop biscuits, oven-baked feta cheese dip, cheeseburger pie (from a recipe book my parents gave me for Christmas), pizza pinwheels, and sugar cookies.

But not just any sugar cookies. Pac-Man themed sugar cookies!

See, a few weeks ago the geeky cookie cutters I ordered on Etsy arrived. They're printed from a 3D printer using ABS material (the same plastic used to make LEGO blocks).

There's some debate back and forth on the food safety of reusing these types of printed objects over and over and over. The general consensus I've found is that ABS is safer than PLA (simply because ABS has been around longer and tested). The concern isn't about plastic leeching into the food. It's that over time you might not be able to get the cutters clean enough to remove all the debris and bacteria. Warpzone, the home page of the Etsy seller I purchased these from, has a pretty good FAQ if you're interested in reading more.

Plus you can peruse all of the different cutter styles she makes. My Little Pony, video game characters, anime characters (there's even a Totoro people!)
Anyway, I washed the Pac-Man themed cutters and got cutting. The recipe I used is actually one recommended on the site. I used the "Best Sugar Cookies EVAR" recipe. It really is one of the better sugar cookie recipes I've ever had.
Next up was icing them! I used this icing recipe (substituting corn syrup for sugar and water).
They came out pretty cute.

I look forward to making Dalek and Tardis cookies when we get closer to the start of the new Doctor Who season.


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