Today started out pretty awesome. In spite of waking up a little after 4 am, as I've done the past week now, my morning was pretty good. I met my friend Lori for a late breakfast at Mr Burger. I've never actually dined there so I chose it just to try it. We had a pretty good time and spent hours catching up.
When I did finally come home, it was a little after lunch time. But the breakfast I'd had was so big I was in no mood to eat again. Instead I cleaning up a little, poked around on the computer, and flashed the latest Android OS (Jellybean) on my phone.

The whole experience went smoothly, which has been the case with pretty much every change I made on the device. And since I was coming from Gingerbread, I didn't have very many new features. That included Google Now. So I messed around with that a bit on and off throughout the afternoon.
We did manage to sneak in a stroll around the park a few times in the afternoon before the sun went down. From what I've seen the city does a pretty good job keeping the paths at the park clean for kids and dog walkers alike. I know I appreciated it!

With all the snow the kids in the neighborhood are finally able to use the two small hills for sledding, which they were out doing while we were at the park.

Over all it's been a pretty low key day. There are certainly things I feel like I should have gotten done, but I really just wanted to relax for the day. Maybe tomorrow I'll be more productive.


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