I've been enjoying the Pebble Watch so far. It's great to get notifications on it, like the text message forwards when Chris is on his way to pick me up from work, or if I want to pause an audiobook.

But what would really be awesome would be setting up more customer alerts, like say, from the weather.
So I decided to give Tasker for Android a try. It's was a little daunting at first to set up, but I discovered that there are a lot of user created profiles on their wiki that you could download and try. So I decided to snag one that gets and speaks the weather. I figured I could work it backward from there.

I essentially used the information from the example I downloaded and modified it to notify me instead of speaking anything.

Now, in order to get the information passed to the Pebble Watch, I needed to use another application - Pebble Notifier. I've already been using this application to forward notifications that the Pebble application doesn't handle natively, like google talk messages.
Setting up Pebble Notifier is easy, as you can see. Just select what you want and away you go!
Once that was done, the notifications came through without a hitch in both the notification center....
And the watch!

Next will be modifying the script to give me current numbers as opposed to the overall daily forecast. Still, pretty neat.


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