When I was younger my parents had this book on one of the many bookshelves they had throughout the house. I'm not sure which shelf it was on or at what point in my life it was there, but I saw the cover enough that I'll never forget it (along with with Cyteen and The Demon Haunted World).

When I got older I constantly confused similarly colored books for Watership Down. I'd see a side of it and think, "oh, there that book is! I should start reading it" only to see it was The Plains of Passage or one of the many different fantasy novels I have.

Finally I decided it was time to start reading this book. So I ordered it online, choosing the edition with the cover I was most familiar with. Hopefully this will help me keep my sanity when trying to pick it off of the bookshelf in the future. Weird, I know.

Anyway, it arrived this week and I'm really enjoying the book so far. I'm sorry it has taken me well over a decade from when I decided to start reading it, to actually reading it.


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