The Pebble Watch SDK was released today. That means soon there will be an influx of more custom watchfaces and, eventually, applications that run on the Pebble Watch.

Unfortunately there's no emulator yet, which means any watchface or application developed has to be pushed directly to the phone at the risk of potentially bricking the device.

Coding is done in C, which is cool. That's a pretty popular language and easier to learn, I think, than something like Java. But maybe that's just me. It's been a long time since I've done anything directly in C and I certainly wouldn't say I'm fluent in it. Although recently with all the poking around on the Arduino I've certainly brushed up on a few things. I do look forward to learning more so I can create a few random things for the watch. I'll probably be going through articles like this one about writing watchfaces over the next few days.

Still, it's exciting. As you can see, I've already installed a custom watchface (not of my own design) that should look familiar to a lot of people. At least those that are fans of British humor.


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