Initially when I bought fabric to make a Tardis pillow, I thought the starry background was a good idea. When I cut out the Tardis and laid everything out to show Chris, he correctly pointed out that the solid Tardis against the screen-printed background looks kinda terrible.

He then laid out everything on the computer to illustrate a few different looks that didn't clash so much. He's a lot better at putting projects together visually than I am, so I try to bounce ideas off of him when I can. After all, that's what he does for a living.
Once we decided on one, we headed out to Joanne Fabrics and picked up a more basic and non-print fabric. We also picked up some fabric for the Dalek I'm going to put on the pillow as well.

So I'm one step closer to making a pillow that will be cute or a disaster, depending on my sewing skills.


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