Leki had a follow up vet appointment today. Originally we'd brought him in for a yearly checkup and about a cough he's been having. After that appointment we did some things around the house, changed where he had access and his cough disappeared for several weeks.

And then it came back.

So we brought him in for the recommended chest x-rays and the vet could see that there was some inflammation in his lungs.

Basically he has a mild form of feline asthma.

The vet suggested a pretty conservative treatment plan, especially since he just recently started having issues this summer and she thinks its possible that his issues will go away once everything starts freezing for the winter.

So far now we're working on weight loss (which should help his asthma) and seeing how it goes for the next few weeks until the ground freezes. If he still continues to have issues we'll start him in on medication.


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