Black Friday was never a thing growing up. Maybe it's because both of my parents had worked retails, or that there was never really any object that my parents wanted to fight crowds for. Whatever the reason, we never went out.

When I started to get older my dad started cooking a turkey on Black Friday. Mostly because when you travel to someone else's house, you don't really end up with leftovers. And my dad loves turkey leftovers. So having a second Thanksgiving, while it wasn't every year, started to become a thing.

Since my extended family doesn't do a large get together any more, my parents have stopped this tradition and they just cook a regular Thanksgiving meal on Thursday. And over the years I've taken a fair amount of turkey home with me, although I have on occasion actually cooked cranberries at home (because I love cranberries).

This year I decided to cook most of a thanksgiving meal at home on Black Friday. There are only two of us, so I cooked a turkey breast instead of a whole bird. I made way too much stuffing (and I didn't even add the sausage), well over a dozen dinner rolls. Plus cranberries and some vegetables.

I'll probably keep cooking a second Thanksgiving meal, trying different recipes each year.

Now to start making turkey soup, thanksgiving won tons, and all other types of leftover recipes.


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