I've been really enjoying the Kobo Reader I bought earlier this year. It's lighter and more compact than the Kindle 2. But sometimes I run into an issue where I want to check out a library book or read something purchased from Amazon. And unfortunately, due to DRM, it's not always easy to get the book onto the Kobo. Even if you try to remove the DRM and convert the file, it isn't always usable. So sometimes I have to fall back and use the older Kindle 2.

It still works great, and to be honest the physical buttons for page turning are nicer than tapping a touchscreen. Even though I primarily use the Kobo during the workday, I'll still be very sad when this Kindle 2 finally dies.

Honestly, it's amazing how difficult they make it to try and read digital books. I'm still aghast at the fact that they have an artificial number of "digital loans" for an ebook. Really? I'm not entirely sure making it more difficult for people to read a book is actually working in the publishing industries favor.


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