I finally updated my 3DS so I could enjoy the new Miiverse. The process was not without some hassle though. As is typical of Nintendo products, they're very particular on making sure that everything is friendly and appropriate. My name, shatteredhaven, is not. I assume it's because shat is in it, although I couldn't proceed with vowels removed either. I've used shatteredhaven since before Microsoft owned Hotmail, so it's amusing and frustrating to have the nickname be an issue 17 years since I started using it.

Once I finally changed my Mii's name, I was able to create an account (with a completely different name, for some reason) and poke around. Essentially it's a giant message board for their different games.

The whole experience is a little slow and clunky on the 3DS, though it's still neat that it's been released. I'm not sure if it's much faster on the WiiU. I certainly hope it is.

Regardless, I'll probably poke in there from time to time to see different comments and drawings people have posted.


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