Since Christmas is in the middle of the week this year, we decided it would be easier to celebrate with our families the weekend before.

So we arrived at Chris's mom's house for a delicious brunch at her favorite restaurant, Bahama Breeze. Then it was back to her place for dessert and presents!
There were plenty of gifts all around...
...including a billion dollar bill for Scot...
and nice Father Christmas sculpture for his mom.
In late afternoon we traveled over to my parent's house. They're only about twenty minutes apart, which is pretty convenient.
Everyone was there, including Dayzee who waited just off to the side most of the evening, waiting to see if she was going to get something tasty.
After a tasty lasagna dinner, it was time for presents!
Including an awesomely wrapped gift by Jeff, which contained deliciousness! Who doesn't love cookies and candies!
Dayzee did finally get a tasty peanut butter treat, and she was happy.

Then it was finally time for the drive home. The whole day it had rained in the metro Detroit area and there was an ice storm warning in effect.
The entire drive home it did rain, and it only started to get slushy on the road west of Portland. Most of the drive home was slow, and it took us 3 1/2 hours to make the trip back. It wasn't too bad until I broke the windshield wiper and couldn't clear the driver's side completely. Traffic was only going 20mph on the freeway, but it was still too dangerous to pull over and try to fix it so we had to wait until we hit the next exit, which seemed to take forever to get to.

But thankfully we made it home alright. I don't ever want to drive like that again. Also, I hate these weird wiper blades.


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