Because of unrelenting winter, we haven't been over to the east side of the state in awhile. That means today was a whirlwind of visits, all of them too short.

Kati's mother (who is like a second mom to me) just got off of the hospital, so I stopped by briefly to see how she and Kati were doing. It was a short visit, and I complete forgot to take a photo, so please enjoy this cupcake photo instead.

Because Chris's dad lives just 15 minutes away from Kati, I swung by to pick up Chris (where I'd dropped him off on my way to Kati's) and very briefly visited there. Again, I forgot to take a photo. So, please enjoy this cupcake. It was a very tasty cupcake.
We arrived at my parents house a few hours late, but all of the food was still there waiting to be devoured, so I'm glad they didn't get too hungry at eat without us. I was pretty hungry though, so I pigged out on all of the cookies and candies before eating a late lunch.
After letting everything digest a little, we headed over to Chris's mom's house to have dessert. Chris showed her a bunch of photos of things going on since we last saw her at Christmas.
then it was on to dessert! Well, more dessert, since I ate a bunch of cupcakes at my mom's house. So really, this was a chocolate cake dinner for me. I foolishly cut a large piece (on the left) and then spent the rest of the evening all sugared out.

It was a very busy day, but worth it. I do feel bad that every visit was so short, but it was good to see everyone!


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