The last few times I tried running I either held my phone in my hand or had a jacket pocket I could stuff it into. Neither solution was ideal, but there was no fancy armband lying around to use. And of those fancy arm bands that do exist, I don't think any would fit my phone - I don't have any of the popular Android phones and I don't have an iPhone.

I did a quick search and found a link that suggested just using the top of a tube sock as an armband. I didn't have any tube socks, but Chris had picked up some crew socks for me.
So I cut off the tops on a pair of crew socks and sewed them together...
...then went out for a run to try it out.
The sock-armband worked pretty well. Because it's two tops of the socks sewed together, the band is long enough that I can cover the top of my phone and secure it in place so it won't pop off my arm. And it's tight enough that the phone doesn't try to slide around at all. The armband even doubled as a spot to tuck my house key, since my pants don't have any pockets.


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