We left the hotel early in the morning and headed out to my parent's house for day two of Christmas celebrations in metro Detroit. Chris's best friend who lives in China (named Chris), is in town so he came over to my parents house and they headed out for a few hours to hang out, shop, and catch up.
That meant I got to spend the day with my parents and Dayzee, who is happy to just have anyone snuggle up and rub her.

When the two Chris' came back we had a late lunch together. Then Chris headed out to meet up with some family. It was awesome seeing and catching up with Chris.
So we settled in to do gift exchanges before the weather got icy. In the photo you can see massive (and heavy) Marvel anniversary book my parents bought Chris. As Chris said, it's basically a coffee table!
They also bought two little onesies of our favorite characters - Green Lantern for Chris and Scooby Doo (with pants!) for me. Between what my friend Lori gave us and what we received these last two days, this kid is going to be all set to spit up on all sorts of clothes!


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