Today I experimented with the maternity insert for my button jacket that I made yesterday. It worked well enough, although because I made it with so much extra room to grow, it was easy for a cold blast of air to get under my jacket.
So I added another set of button holes to the insert for that connects to the left side of the jacket (where the interior buttons are). I added the holes a few inches in so that the fit would be tighter and then, as needed, I can always move the insert to the outer button holes.

I think this will work nicely. We will see tomorrow when I wear it out and about on lunch.

Like I mentioned yesterday, the whole thing isn't super pretty, but someone with better sewing skills than I could make the front of the insert more appealing (so you wouldn't have to hide it with a scarf) and fancy it it up a bit.

I just think it's really cool that the whole thing came out decent enough that it's usable. I suppose this is how you get better at sewing. You keep doing random projects.


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