Chris's mother and brother came out today to meet Quinn for the first time.
His mom has had an iPad set up so we've been able to FaceTime with her every few days but this was the first time she was actually able to hold him.
It was a nice visit and both Scot and their mother really enjoyed spending time with the little guy.
He was passed out a lot of the time in a milk coma, but they did get to see him fuss and look around a bit as well.
They also brought with them a gigantic pile of clothes for when Quinn is older from Chris's aunts and cousin. I now understand why my friend Lori gave me so many clothes still on the hangers with tags. There is just no way he's going to wear everything we have for him. Plus at this point a lot of even newborn stuff doesn't fit him because he's so small. So 3 month outfits are probably more than 3 months away before they fit, let alone 6 or 12 month.


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