Quinn had a really rough night. And this morning he was pretty fussy as well. He just wasn't happy with anything we did. So Chris decided to try putting some plastic balls he'd bought in Quinn's crib and create a ball pit.

The little guy loved it. He stared in fascination at all the colors.
He tried to mouth them all.
 He kicked them and pushed them with his arms.
And when it got to be too much we cleared them away from his face and arms and he just hung out a little absorbing everything and taking a break. Chris even tossed in the little Spider-Egg (as well call it) for Quinn, since he seems to like to push it with his arms and watch it roll back to him, since it's weighted at the bottom.

It was probably only 15 minutes of play before he was ready to be done, but he was fascinated enough that we'll definitely do this again. He will probably really love it when he's older and can actually pick the balls up.


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