Elder Scrolls Online went free to play today, making it Elder Scrolls Online Unlimited. You can still pay a monthly subscription and you get points to spend in their online shop, as well as experience bonuses and what not. But for me, being able to log in and play occasionally for free is perfect. It's a perfect companion to Guild Wars 2, which I still pop into and play. 
Of course, since it's been almost a year since I've played the game last, there have been numerous updates. And all of my characters skills have been reset. So I spent what little time I did have to play setting up one characters (I didn't even look at the others). It took me so long mostly because I'd forgotten what certain things did.

It will be nice to pop in occasionally and run around in the game. It's a beautiful game and I did enjoy playing it last year, it was just hard to justify the subscription with how little time I could devote to it. And now I have even less time. So free to play works perfect for me!


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