Today is the 3rd annual Grand Rapids Comic Con! Every year they've moved the venue because the event keeps growing, so this year it's downtown at the DeVos Place.

Chris is a big fan of Green Lantern and a few years ago he bought me a Red Lantern shirt. So of course we were going to make Quinn a lantern too! We decided on a White Lantern.

Dan came over and we all rode downtown together.
 We ran into R2D2 while we waited for the doors to open.
 We visited Comfort and Adam's booth, which was pretty nice (it was a corner booth!).
 And we stopped by to see Corinne in artist alley.
Corinne is so sweet she had this adorable little Green Lantern hat made for Quinn.
The line to get into the con around lunch was getting longer. It wasn't quite out the door, but it was almost there.

This was our first experience out and about with Quinn at an event like this. It was a little stressful for me, just worrying if he was going to get tired, hungry, frustrated, or just be unhappy. I'm not sure why I worried so much - he is usually so happy and easy going. Plus Chris, who is home with him all day, wasn't worried at all.

And of course everything went fine. He was a trooper and stayed awake from 7:40 in the morning to about noon. We even tried to step aside into a quiet place to let him nap and he was too interested in everything to nap. It wasn't until we were on our way back to the car did he finally pass out in the stroller.

I think next year will be even more fun. Quinn will be older and it will be the second year in this venue, so some of the traffic flow oddities will be resolved by then.


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