I've been pretty unimpressed so far with the Displio units we received awhile back. They were a kickstarter and took about a year to ship, which is fine (the Pebble had a similar delay).

There are two things that are frustrating. The device was hailed as standalone, and it's not. You were supposed to be able to customize it via apps, and there aren't any.

This week the Displio cloud is down and has been for several days, so the devices don't work. They had promised to release the source code so you could host your own code and have the devices point there (and there is an option in the setup process to change where the devices gets its information).

Right now they're just annoying paperweights while they do maintenance.

I will admit that they do respond to comments on their kickstarter page and it sounds like they respond to email inquires, so that's a positive thing. And while the device did launch prior to all of the features being available (like rotating for different screens) they have been adding things as the months go on. So there's promise...

I'd just really like to be able to host the code on our Raspberry Pi webserver and control things that way. That's a connection that doesn't go down.


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