In the afternoon after Quinn's 2 1/2 hour long nap, we headed over to Heritage Park. They have a nice pond with ducks (and lots of duck poop), a path that loops around the pond and new playground equipment. Quinn especially liked the blue car there.
When we got home I made the next Blue Apron recipe for the week - Chicken and Buttermilk Biscuits. The biscuits didn't come out very pretty when I made them, but they were super tasty.

The recipe called for mayo and I absolutely refuse to eat mayo, so I substituted it with Greek yogurt which I suspect made the sandwich a little odd tasting. But not terrible. The collard greens and carrots slaw was tastier than I would have thought (I'm not a fan of vinegar or vinaigrette). Way too much vegetable for just me to eat, which Chris does not eat either of those. But tasty.

Quinn would not eat the vegetables either.

I liked the meatballs from last night more, but tonight's recipe was still pretty tasty. We even have leftovers. They sent chicken breasts and Chris and I usually eat chicken tenders, so we have a whole breast left over between the two of us.


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