Yesterday a shipment from Blue Apron came. I had a coupon for a free box so I used it about a week back. It's a service that basically puts together ingredients for meals and then ships you the food. Its probably perfect for couples who both work, enjoy some cooking, and have a fair amount of disposable income (subscriptions start at 60/week which is for 3 meals that feed 2 people).

So for dinner tonight after we got back from the zoo and running around, I started in on dinner.
The recipe I picked to cook first was Beef Albondigas. The first thing each recipe has you do is prepare everything at once. Chop all the vegetables, mix all the sauces, etc. Usually when I'm cooking I do it while I go and sometimes that leads to me burning something on the stove while I'm busy chopping up a veggie. Doing all the prep work ahead of time is a good habit I know I should get into.

Once of the nice things is that everything shipped is portioned to the meals for that week. So they sent a small amount of parsley, not a giant bunch of it that I wouldn't use all of. I really like that only because it's hard to get small enough amounts of some vegetables. Chris just doesn't like a lot of them but a whole bunch of spinach is too much for me to go through in a week.

Quinn was curious. Very, very curious. He's been helping me stir pancake batter and other things so he really wanted to help. But he's not quite old enough to chop things with knives.
Dinner came out much better than I thought. The recipe had a lot of onion in it and admittedly I picked a lot of it out once everything was mixed since I personally don't like onions. The meatballs has raisins in them and Chris ate them.

He even liked it.This is a victory (even if he didn't eat the squash).

I'm very impressed. This is not a recipe I thought I'd like to much and I did.


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