Deer Tracks Junction is about 20 minutes north of our house. I've been seeing ads for it on a kids activity website all summer and today we decided to visit.
They have two halves to their facilities. The first half we visited has goats, pigs, bunnies and more. You can purchase cups of feed and, if so armed, will be swarmed but adorable little animals.
Quinn had fun in the bunny house. There are also parakeets flying free in the building which provides a nice atmosphere. 
The other half of the place is a new area with deer, elk and more. They have safari rides at night as well.
The entire facility is very clean. With so many animals there are bound to be accidents all over the path but we didn't encounter any. They have staff out and about cleaning up constantly. They also offer baby bottle feeding for the different animals.
Out front they have a large play area. There is a train and a fort with an underground tunnel system. I'm a little jealous I couldn't fit.

It's a really nice place and we'll definitely be bringing Quinn back again. 


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