It's been a few years since we've been to Frederik Meijer Gardens and quite a while since I've actually been anywhere outside. I've actually only been to the sculpture park and part of the children's area, so I wanted to take Quinn and see more of the gardens.
It's still the first week back to school for most kids so this was a perfect day to visit. The children's area wasn't too busy and the kids that were there were on the younger side.
I was really surprised at how much there was to the children's area. Aside from the water area there was a log cabin...
...And quite an elaborate tree house. I think we will definitely be coming back several times over the next few years.
They also have the sculpture from Northland Mall since that's now closed. I grew up going to that mall quite a bit and I loved this thing. I remember my mom yelling at me all the time not to climb it. So now I guess if I ever want to see it I can just go to the gardens.
After two hours of running around Quinn was doing so well we even went through the Japanese Gardens. It opened last year and I was curious to see what it looked like.
It is definitely not as kid friendly as the children's area, so we could only linger at certain areas briefly before the whirlwind of energy hurled a rock into a perfectly manicured area.
But all in all I really enjoyed it. It was pretty peaceful since there were only retirees out and about. And Quinn did really well for nearly three hours we were there. In fact, he napped for three hours after we left. That alone made the trip worth it!


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