Today is the day! I've been waiting weeks, months, ages! I'm super excited to go to the Detroit Zoo. I haven't been there in about 10 years, which is a shame because my parents live 5 minutes from it.

Today was senior day (where admittance is free for the tri-county area), so there was a lot of traffic getting into the zoo.
I was most excited to see the new Polk Penguin Conservation Center. I loved the old Penguinarium so I wanted to see what the new penguin exhibit looked like.

It's amazing! It was very crowded, but it was still amazing!
We took a break so Quinn could have a snack over by Amphibville. That section of the zoo today was not as popular as others (bingo was going on in the picnic area) so Quinn had the whole building to himself. It was a nice break from people for him and he really enjoyed the building. I was never very big on it myself, but its definitely going to be a place I make a point of stopping at for him since it's great for little kids.
It was nearly 90 degrees and sunny, so a big part of our visit was bouncing from air conditioned building to air conditioned building. We of course had to hit the classic reptile house.
 The Arctic circle with the polar bears and seals was a nice pit stop on our way to the train.
Quinn did really well on the train ride. He started to freak out a little bit but after a muffin to munch on he was fine for the ride. It was a great day and I'm already looking forward to our next visit.


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