I've started back up on C25K again before work. It was very cold this morning. I'm trying to take it slow and work up to full miles running, since I had so many issues with my hip and butt last year. I've been trying to do core exercises to so I'm hoping that will help, although I can still feel tension in the muscles.
 At lunch we did some arts and crafts with paper plates.
In the afternoon the cat sat on my lap purring while I worked. He's pretty good at sitting still so it worked out pretty well. The governor announced in the afternoon that the stay at home order was through April 30th, which means I won't be back into the office until May 1st, at the earliest. I suspect it will be later than that, but we shall see. I haven't minded working from home personally, since I have an office and am naturally an introvert. I've been a lot more productive and would love to have a schedule where I could routinely work from home a few days a week to get more work done.
In the evening I finally reached tarantula island in Animal Crossing, which meant I had a bunch of bugs to sell for money. Creepy and fun.


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