Today is day 21 of me staying home and not driving anywhere. I guess it's day 21 for the whole household, since we'd kept Quinn home on March 12 before schools closes on the 16th.

I made some Animal Crossing themed pancakes again, which the little one loved. 
The governor announced today in-class school sessions are canceled for the rest of the school year. For preschool, that's not a large impact other than no more socializing with other kids. I can see it being a lot bigger of a deal to parents of older children, and those families who rely on some of the additional services schools provide (before and after school care, meals, etc).

In the evening I pulled out my bike and the tires still appear to inflate well. I'll check them again tomorrow to see if they keep air or not. I cleaned off the dust and dirt that 8 years of being in the garage untouched put all over it. I'm not sure if it will still fold, as it was getting stiff years ago, but I'm sure with a little oil and more muscle than I have, we could fold it back up. I love this bike so I'm excited to get it cleaned up and start some small bike rides.
With all the excitement from me playing with my bike, Quinn wanted to take a ride around the neighborhood. He's been pretty resistant to pedaling his tricycle for years. Well, no longer! He zoomed as much as he could on this little thing.


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