Today is a day where things I ordered last year arrived (I guess). Last year I backed the Genki Covert Dock, which is a portable Nintendo Switch dock and charger. I backed the international kit, so that if we went to Germany this year, we'd be able to hook up the Switch and also charge things with the adapters.

I mean, that's not happening this year but I guess I can now move this portable dock from room to room in the house...?
The other thing, which is a lot bigger deal, is the arrival of Final Fantasy VII Remake. It's only the first third of the original game, but I'm still super excited. I absolutely adored this game as a kid (along with FFVIV and VI) so I'm very excited to see a high definition Cloud on the TV. The game came out on 4/10, but delivery was delayed due to prioritization of essential items for coronavirus (which is totally understandable). I'm excited it made it today and wasn't delayed further, although I would have understood if it was.

Also found my original Final Fantasy VII strategy guide from 1997. I look forward to comparing it to the remake, although I doubt very much has remained the same in terms of hidden items.


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