Today after class I headed over to a local anime con with Amanda called JAFAX ( This is their 14th year and while this is only my 2nd year attending, I'm impressed at the size of the event given that it is free.

Since we got there with half a day to spare we checked out a cosplay costume crafting panel, artists and vendors, as well as the cosplay contests and a few other things.

If this all sounds foreign to you, then you've never been to a con. If you have an interest, I'd highly recommend the experience. And not all cons are about anime, if thats not your thing.

Anyway, here is a shot of the stuff I picked up. A Trigun manga, vol 13 (I have 1-11), Trigun kitty mini-backpack/purse thingie (I think the cat is called Kuroneko), Kilala xmas ornament, and the JAFAX program.


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