My dad's side of the family is small. He is an only child and his father had 3 sisters, all of whom only had one child. The last remaining relative of my grandfather's generation is my great aunt Margaret.

When I was a kid she was awesome. She remembered every birthday, every holiday, always sent gifts and was always very kind and loving each time we saw her (which was rather infrequent as she lived in Washington, PA and we did not go there often).

The thing with childhood is that you eventually grow out of it and the fond memories you have of some of your relatives you see infrequently is sometimes overwritten with new great memories, or shocking realizations of things you never noticed as a child. This trip was filled with both.

It was great to see my great aunt and it was great to get home. The majority of the trip I spent sitting in the back seat of my parents car, being carted around like when we were children.

The trip was worth it. Jeff and I got to catch up on things and I enjoyed his company. Amusing jokes and "threats" from my parents. At the very least I'm glad I get along with my family so much better now and there are no awkward situations in which they attempt to "parent" me.


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