My ten year high school reunion was tonight. Since I was going to be in town anyway, I figured I'd stop at my parents house and do a belated birthday celebration for both myself and my mom.

Chris and I headed to my parent's house, I dropped off a pc for my little bro, picked up gifts, socialized with people, got dressed, and headed out my reunion.

The event was at Via Nove, which is in downtown Ferndale. I convinced Kati to come to it so we could hang out, see people, see if anything interesting was going on, and in general be mildly social. So she and John came and we spent much of the evening up in the balcony of the restaurant as we waited a smidge to late to find a table. Alan came out as well, dressed in riding leathers and armed with a rather expensive digital SLR. He snapped a lot of photos and toward the end of the night was dancing the evening away.

For a portion of the night, while Kati and I were wandering back and forth between the bathroom, going outside, and drinking, John and Chris chatted away.

Much appreciation to Chris for driving me home, in the dense fog, at like 1am.


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