When women have babies, they have baby showers. So for Sherry's second child her co-worker Deb wanted to throw a baby shower. It was a small, intimate affair with tasty food and an adorable meow meow (Tiger) who got into trouble (not unlike my own Leki would have).

Early on it was discovered that Natalie, like her mother, is allergic to cats. So Natalie, Grandma, and Sherry's sister left early to take babysit Natalie while the rest of the party went on.

It was a nice afternoon, full of games, goofy times, and massive cake slices (see that cake? 1/2 of it was gone after 5 of us ate slices...). Sherry walked away with some nice gifts and Amanda and I managed to snag some not so shabby prizes.

Thanks Deb for putting this together for Sherry. :)

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