Fridays are great. They mark the end the work week, the beginning for some relaxation time. So what better day than a Friday to get out nasty vet appointments? Leki was not amused. Still he's vaccinated (needs a booster in 3 weeks) and micro-chipped. Now if he punches out of a screen and runs off to chase birds there may be a chance for recovery.

In addition I finally got the USB external hard drive configured and working properly with the sync system. Hawt. 117gb of music GO!

This Friday a Farscape event was planned with Amanda and Chris. Amanda and I have both seen the series and Chris is new to it. So we made up home made pizza and chowed down during 4 hours of Farscape.

Pictured here is the tasty chicken pesto alfredo Amanda concocted. Also checked out Founder's attempt to replace Rubaeus (which is a raspberry beer) called Cerise. Not bad, provided you like Cherries.


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