Dropped Chris off this early AM at the Grand Rapids airport. The whole area is still torn up, like it has been for the last several years. I dont know that all the construction is related. Maybe they were a bunch of small little projects that just happened to go nearly back to back. All I know is that I've been seeing orange cones there since shortly after I moved out to this area.

This time though, even in the dim light of the non-existent 5:30am sun, you couldn't help but notice a mega parking structure. Its apparently part of their Ramp Up project.

So here's a shot the weird wave metal structure that's above the terminal drop off (and last I knew pick up) area. Looks like a sky-walk exists now to connect to the mega parking structure.

I have to ask - does GRR really get THAT much overnight parking? I really didn't think so. Guess I was wrong.

I also snagged a shot of some blue lights (runway lights?) that I thought were pretty snazzy. For whatever reason ever since I was a kid I was obsessed with blue Christmas lights on a tree (vs the other solid sets we had, and eventually, the multi-color strings).


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